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Ike and other Republicans TV liked

With the Republican National Convention opening Monday in Tampa, we take a look at five GOP presidents whose lives have been dramatized (more or less) on TV.

1. DWIGHT D. EISENHOWER -- Robert Duvall gave a memorable performance as the 34th president (albeit in his role as Supreme Allied Commander during World War II) in "Ike: The War Years" (1979).

2. RICHARD M. NIXON -- The 37th president has been portrayed by several actors, including Beau Bridges ("Kissinger & Nixon," 1995), Lane Smith ("The Final Days," 1989) and Rip Torn ("Blind Ambition," 1979).

3. GERALD FORD -- Josef Sommer played the 38th president and spouse of the title character of "The Betty Ford Story" (1987). And who could forget Chevy Chase's portrayal of a clumsy chief executive on "Saturday Night Live" (1975-76)?

4. RONALD REAGAN -- James Brolin played the 40th president in the controversial miniseries "The Reagans" (2003), which Showtime aired after CBS -- which had originally scheduled it -- bowed to pressure from conservative groups arguing that the production offered an unbalanced view.

5. GEORGE W. BUSH -- Timothy Bottoms starred as the 43rd president in Comedy Central's extremely broad comedy "That's My Bush!" (2001). He offered a more serious take on Bush in the cable movie, "DC 9/11: Time of Crisis" (2003).

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