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In 'Death Valley,' blood not in vain

HORROR COMEDY "Death Valley"

WHEN | WHERE Series premiere Monday night at 10:30 on MTV

REASON TO WATCH Blood, gore, skin, satire and choco-tacos.

WHAT IT'S ABOUT Vampires, zombies and werewolves have invaded the San Fernando Valley. So cameras have invaded the LAPD to shoot its Undead Task Force slaying the monsters. In between phone porn, body bragging and doughnut runs, Los Angeles' finest somehow manage to pop an inhuman perp or two (or four) as they rampage through convenience stores and hooker motels.

The squad's strutting commander (Bryan Callen, "Fat Actress") rallies a patrol unit that includes tough chicks (Tania Raymonde, "Lost"), vain dudes (Texas Battle, "The Bold and the Beautiful"), eager officers (Charlie Sanders and Bryce Johnson) and an innocent blonde newbie (Caity Lotz, "Mad Men").

MY SAY So it's a mishmash. This horror-comedy-spoof hybrid mashes up more than it misses. Its introductory violence-and-gore discretion warning means business. From the premiere's first minute, there's serious action, gunfire, blood flow, head blows, monster makeup and other horror staples.

The comedy takes a little longer to flow as freely, initially relying on such staples as the funny upchuck. (Sigh.) But the writing starts surging sharply toward targets like the show's filmland setting. And the well-defined characters grow on you. Future episodes hold up through ill-fated blood drives and internal affairs bureaucracy.

BOTTOM LINE It's "Reno 911!" with bloody bite.


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