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'Inside Amy Schumer' review: LI potty-mouth

Amy Schumer

Amy Schumer Credit: Peter Yang

SERIES PREMIERE "Inside Amy Schumer"

WHEN | WHERE Tuesday night at 10:30 on Comedy Central

REASON TO WATCH OMG, they gave that -- Amy Schumer a show!

WHAT IT'S ABOUT She's a doll, she's a devil, she's a stand-up, she's a ----. But first and foremost, Amy Schumer is our own lovable Long Island potty-mouth, out to reclaim the W word, which rhymes with "bore," which Amy Schumer never is.

Schumer talks about sex the way guys talk about sex, from a deadeye-frank woman's point of view. The Rockville Centre-raised stand-up tackles the action from many angles in this show echoing Dave Chappelle's late, lamented Comedy Central sensation, weaving together adult sketches, stand-up snippets, sit-down chats and on-the-street ambush of strangers.

It's all loosely tied around a weekly theme: bad decisions tonight, sexting next week. And no one can claim they weren't warned about Schumer's verbal and situational proclivities. The premiere starts with her truly gamy casting session for a viral sex video involving "stage chocolate," so you can extrapolate from there. Over the next two episodes, there's explicit description of sex acts, visuals of unclothed guys killing time in strange ways, a chat with a stripper.

MY SAY You go, girl. Even when she pushes me too far, I'm eager to hear what Schumer has to say about hot-button topics others avoid. Her shrewd, straightforward perspective and her semisweet, offhand attitude make her reflections fresh and relatable.

"Inside's" sharp writing team and flexible framework then present them in pertinent ways. Tonight's progressive split-screen take on the way girls and guys react to a not-bad one-night stand -- she's planning the wedding, he forgot her already -- is a keen keeper. Schumer smartly tackles race in tonight's visualized shopping anecdote and next week's commercial parody.

Next episode's visit to Nutters, the woman's version of Hooters, becomes a hilarious hallucination. And tight editing of quick comebacks enhances Schumer's encounters both on-street and sit-down. Nowhere else are you likely to hear the tale of a lap dance involving a 97-year-old.

BOTTOM LINE If you want to, this is the place.


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