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Good Morning

Introducing the VMA's Kevin Hart

Tonight, the VMA's, and also tonight: host Kevin Hart. Hart's a pretty well-known standup and big screen star but in the possible-to-unlikely chance you don't know who he is and why this could — could — be an amusing host outing tonight, some basic facts.  He starred in the recent  film "Think Like a Man" based on the Steve Harvey best-seller of the same name, and — come to think of it — Hart and Harvey are not all that far removed in terms of style and temperament. Both talk about their kids (or in Hart's case, kid) and both are observational; Hart's standup tends more toward the neurotic — he's hilarious on stuff that he's terrified of (notably ostriches, gorillas and gnats — oh my, gnats. He hates gnats.) I'd post some of the clips but, well, Hart uses words on occasion that wouldn't get past my editors, so, take my word for it: He's funny.

 Other stuff to know: The Philly comic has been in a lot of movies, and I do mean a lot — the "Scary Movie" franchise, "Little Fockers," "Meet Dave," and so on. He also had a memorable cameo (Andre) on "Modern Family."

  There's much more but let's go the clips. Here's a "Tonight Show" appearance, but first, last night's "Jimmy Kimmel Live:"

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