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Is Clint Jun Gamboa the villain this season on 'American Idol'?

Holly Cavanaugh, who's originally British I believe, is up next on "American Idol." She cried during her initial audition but was backed by Jennifer Lopez.

From the way they're talking about her past accomplishments I think they cut her. She still seems very nervous and young.

And she's cut. J.Lo wanted to put her through but says she was outvoted, "I believe you have one of the best voices." She tells her she thinks she can come back in a year or two and "win the whole thing."

Wow . . . She's crying. The judges are frustrated. Must be some really good talent this year, right? Lakeisha Lewis is cut, too; Alex Ryan is out.

Clint Jun Gamboa is up next. He'll make it despite stabbing Jacee Badeaux in the back during Hollywood week. He has personality and drive and can totally sing. May be this season's villain, though.

Randy Jackson brings the Jacee thing up, again, just to make him squirm a little. And he makes it. He sits down on the floor in excitement, then goes out and goes crazy jumping up and down. 



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