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Is it July 24 yet?

Comedian Andrew Dice Clay. (Getty Images)

Comedian Andrew Dice Clay. (Getty Images) Credit: Getty Images

I spent Sunday evening dealing with some old feelings. I was craving some "Entourage."

I know, I know, that seems about as hip and cool now as that guy who used to wear the ugly sweaters on informercials. But so goes life on a summer Sunday when you don't care for shows and movies about vampires.

The eighth and final season of "Entourage" returns to HBO on July 24. In the meantime, to deal with my fix, I flipped through Entertainment Weekly and found a "First Look" photo of Andrew "Dice" Clay in a scene with Johnny Drama and Billy Walsh.

Not sure there's a more perfect combination out there. Also not sure whey it took so long to put those two together in a scene.

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