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Good Morning

Is Monty Python really, truly, positively re-uniting?

A scene from "Monty Python and the Holy

A scene from "Monty Python and the Holy Grail" screening at the Landmark Sunshine Theater in Manhattan. Credit: Handout

The Internet woods were full of reports Tuesday morning that Monty Python on Thursday will announce a reunion... but... but... but... but... why?

Surviving members of the most influential comedy troupe since whatever troupe put on Shakespeare are in their mid-70s, have distinguished careers of their own, certainly couldn't need the money (could they?), have nothing left to prove and run the risk of soiling one of the greatest legacies in TV and comedy history. Why!?

And did I mention that Graham Chapman died many years ago; thus imagine a Beatles reunion without one of the surviving members along for the ride (of course an impossibility for well over 30 years.)

This just doesn't make sense, although I see that People has bought it, and so has the BBC -- which says this will be for the stage not TV -- so who knows.

I am suspicious, however, that this presumed announcement Thursday is on the eve of a multiday event celebrating the 50th anniversary of "Doctor Who." Could all this be some sort of TARDIS-promoting moment in which the Time Lord is zapped from '69 to '13, to revisit a world where comedy geniuses have aged and no one, at least under the age of 40, even knows what a "Monty Python" is? How very sad that world is.

In any event, this does provide a good excuse to post clips. "Monty Python" aired from ''69 to '74, and it's certainly no coincidence that a little show called "Saturday Night Live" arrived on the U.S. airwaves a year later .?.?.

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