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'Is Your Dog a Genius' on Nat Geo WILD

Attention dog lovers: Ever wonder whether your dog is a furry genius or a wily loafer who really ought to know better? Well, Nat Geo WILD is offering you the chance to find out if your best friend is more Einstein than Goofy. The weekend-long "BarkFest" premieres Friday with "Is Your Dog a Genius?" (at 10 p.m.), featuring Brian Hare, who heads up the Canine Dognition Center at Duke University.

"Anybody can learn about their dog playing the best games that we've designed at Duke, and other colleagues at Yale and Harvard, to find out about how your dog thinks relative to other dogs," says Hare.

It's not a question of whether Fido is smart, he insists. "That's assumed. The question is: What is it that makes your dog a genius? So just like people, where you have people who are good at math or English or history, dogs are the same way."

They have different types of intelligence. And some of them rely on some of these intelligences more than others. But there's no right answer. The question is: What describes your dog?

The center has devised a series of games you can play with your companion to find out whether he's top dog at problem solving or can read your mood like a clairvoyant. Families can access these exercises by going to -- Tribune News Service

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