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Isabel Gonzalez has 'American Idol' judges 'heads over heels in love,' Jimmy Smith 'mad fly'

Jimmy Smith up next on "American Idol," he says at the start Keith Urban influenced him, at which point Urban jumps up and yells, "you're going to Hollywood!"

Does "Bless the Broken Road," it's sincere and easy to listen to; nothing amazing for me, but judges like him right away. "Popping, like you're mad fly," Nicki Minaj says, finishing with, "it's got that sweetness that I need to hear from my country singers."

"You have something incredibly special and unique," Mariah Carey says -- seems like an overstatement to me, but we'll see.

Sarina-Joi Crowe flashes on the screen, Haley Davis as well -- they're literally on for five seconds each but sound good and make it on to Hollywood.

Scotty McCreery shows up outside and chats with the crowd, someone asks him, "Will you marry me?!" He stammers, "I don't know, I'm a pretty busy man."

Matthew Muse next, doing "When I Get Where I'm Going," Is horrible, intensely acts out the song and can't sing. Shows off some awkward dance moves afterwards, is oblivious to the judges gently making fun of him. Minaj gets him to pretend he's modeling and has him strut back and forth.

Isabel Gonzalez next, her aunt nominated her to be on the show, said she'd be too nervous otherwise. Jackson shows up at her school, and in front of everyone invites her to audition; pretty cool moment. She seems really sweet, says she feels "super-duper important."

Sings Sam Cook's "Nothing Can Ever Change This Love," from the get-go is excellent, sounds like a pro. Shapes the song, just makes you keep listening. "Absolutely heads over heels in love with you," Minaj says, adding she's doing it "effortlessly."

Urban calls her a "natural," with Carey calling her "adorable -- people are going to fall in love with you." 

Yeah, she might be my favorite of the year so far; has the x-factor, huge likeability; judges afterwards are still grinning about her.

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