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Isabelle Parrell charms, Griffin Peterson gets by on his looks on 'American Idol'

Isabelle Parrell up next on "American Idol," gets Keith Urban to join her on "Baby It's Cold Outside." She has a classic tone to her voice, the kind you'd hear in a small club with a piano.

Even gets Mariah Carey to join in a bit; says she has a "sweet quality," which is exactly right. Could be a bit kooky, but has charisma even though she's just in high school. Randy Jackson actually votes no, but it's irrelevant, she moves on with everyone else's vote.

Nicki Minaj adds at the end, "She reminds me of Taylor [Swift]." High praise, but I can see that.

Urban has to leave for a concert, so now it's just the battling divas and Jackson

Griffin Peterson next, doing "Washed by the Water." He's got rugged good looks, which Minaj has some fun with; has a nice tone, nothing amazing but just likeable.

"Let me tell you something about you," says Minaj. "You look and feel like a star -- you have something that just lights up."

Jackson says simply "I don't get it," calls his voice average at best. Carey agrees with Minaj, praises his "handsome face." The two women put him through as Jackson laughs.

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