Good Evening
Good Evening

It's official: John Roberts to Fox


 John Roberts will join Fox News in Atlanta - pretty much the upshot of his not-exactly-momentous-run on "American Morning" with Kiran Chetry. CNN has posted confirmation, wished him well, and everyone seems to be moving along nicely.

  A CNN stalwart moving over to Fox? Happens and has happened over the years and on very rare occassion CNN plucks someone from the enemy camp too. In one important sense, however, Roberts - once considered an heir apparent to Dan Rather - will maintain ties to CNN: He's engaged Kyra Phillips who is pregnant with twins.

Here's the post:


CNN anchor and correspondent John Roberts is
leaving the network to join Fox News Network.
CNN confirmed his departure Monday. Roberts began
serving as an anchor in 2007 and most recently
anchored "American Morning" with Kiran Chetry.

"We thank John for his service," said a
spokesperson for CNN.

Roberts came to CNN after 14 years 14 years with
CBS News, during which time he served as its chief
White House correspondent and chief medical
correspondent, anchor of the weekend editions of
the CBS Evening News and anchor of the CBS Morning

At CNN, he served as senior national correspondent
and anchor of "This Week at War", the network’s
renowned weekly program which  examining
developments in the wars in Afghanistan, Iraq and
around the globe.

Roberts will be based in Atlanta where he will
serve as a national correspondent for Fox. He is
engaged to CNN anchor Kyra Phillips and the couple
is expecting twins.


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