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Jay Leno joins CNBC with car show: It's official

Jay Leno will return to TV to host

Jay Leno will return to TV to host a prime-time series about cars in 2015. Credit: AP

Jay Leno will return to TV in a hosted one-hour series on CNBC next year, the network finally confirmed a short while ago. As expected, cars are the subject and the title is a familiar one, too: "Jay Leno's Garage."

No details on frequency — once a week? Five times a week? But, clearly, the assumption is that this will either replace Leno's popular web series of the same name, or that it will be modified for broader audience interest. (CNBC says it will be "based" upon that series.)

Jay's quote: 

"This show will be about anything that rolls, explodes and makes noise. We hope to highlight the passion and the stories behind the men and women who made the automobile the greatest invention of the 20th century.”

One might reasonably note of Leno's return, "well, that didn't take long" insofar as he left "Tonight" in February with a declaration that he was done with late night and was ready to move on. But this isn't late night and it's hardly a comedy series, but arguably on a subject even nearer and dearer to him: Stuff that moves on wheels.

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