THE SHOW "The Bachelorette"

WHEN | WHERE Monday night at 8 on ABC / 7

REASON TO WATCH Seventh-season finale with one last rose to be handed out -- to Roslyn's J.P. Rosenbaum, perhaps? (The usual "After the Final Rose" special airs at 10 p.m.)

WHAT FINALE'S ABOUT It's down to two guys, Ben Flajnik -- Internet entrepreneur and winemaker from California -- and Jordan Paul Rosenbaum, 34-year-old Roslyn native and New York City construction manager. They meet Ashley Hebert's family, then both get down on one knee. Only one proposal is accepted; plenty of online gossip about who that will be.

THE SEASON SO FAR Filmed far and wide, hither and yon, from Thailand to Taipei and Fiji, the seventh season comes down to a reasonably familiar place -- your own backyard. Long Island had a memorable role this season, Rosenbaum notwithstanding. The festivities began with Tim McCormack of Long Beach, who got so loaded on the first night that Hebert actually had to enlist a pair of shoulders to hustle the guy out to a waiting limo.

But this season was utterly dominated by one guy: Bentley Williams, the cad who stole Ashley's heart, then stomped on it. "I'm going to make her cry," he said, before he did. "I hope my hair looks good."

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He's the anti-Bentley -- the chiseled, urban and vaguely ethnic counterpart to Bent's smooth, cold ice pick of a personality. J.P. even telegraphed his "Hey, I'm the Different One!" after that bout with chef Mickey in Thailand: "The Jew from Long Island kicked the Irishman from Cleveland's ----!" Meanwhile, there's his boyish quality; with the arched, amused eyebrows, and the smooshed nose.

MY SAY A good season? Sure, thanks to the art of casting. Bibulous Tim? Jeff, the masked oddball? Ryan Park -- aka "Mr. Sunshine"? Ames, the lovelorn Yalie and marathon addict? Or -- best of all -- Bentley, the Dr. Evil of the seventh season and a series standout? You couldn't make these guys up.

Moreover, there were some devious moves by producers. Ashley's first date after Bent's infamous "dot . . . dot . . . dot" speech -- implying to her that he'll be baaack -- was none other than J.P. He caught her on the rebound, and it's almost as if tonight's ending was preordained. Maybe it was.