Good Afternoon
Good Afternoon

'Dancing with the Stars:' J.R. Martinez wins

Here we go -- my biannual pick of who will win "Dancing with the Stars."  Oh, right, you've already seen the headline. J.R. Martinez wins. Ricki Lake first to go. I have reasons. Here they are:

1.) J.R. Martinez is fundamentally the best dancer of the final three.

2.) Viewers will ultimately go for an Iraq War veteran with a big heart over a Kardashian.

3.) Viewers actually like the guy -- Martinez -- without any qualifications whatsoever. For example, I like Kardashian -- think he's handled this whole process extremely well -- but he's still a Kardashian, and therefore is burdened with all the overstuffed designer baggage that comes with the name. That's what I would call a "qualification." 

 4.) This will ultimately come down to a popularity contest. After all, J.R. and Rob are very close in terms of skills -- and "average guy" wins out over entitlement; that is the mood of the country, after all.

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