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Jacee Badeaux, Scotty McCreery boost "American Idol" favorites role

Jacee Badeaux and his group that includes Brett Loewenstern are singing next on "American Idol," belting out "Mercy." Man, from the get-go they are all electric . They even have a good name-- "Sugar Momma and the Babies." 

Jacee throws in some impromptu lyrics about how he really doesn't wanna go home and he's a bit nervous. "You looked a little lost," says Randy Jackson. His other group members say he got kicked out from another group, but Jacee tries to downplay it. He's really very nice. 

And everyone steps forward, including Jacee, and they all make it! He breaks down in tears while trying to fight it off. His group hugs him, they get big applause from the other contestants. By far the highlight of the night!

I think Jacee is the favorite right now to win "American Idol." He has the voice, the huge likability and now, a great story. He's always positive and a really nice guy.

Next group is the one that kicked Jacee out. Randy makes them talk about it. Whoa, Scotty McCreery actually apologizes for not sticking up for Jacee and says "he's the best kid in this competition."

He then goes out and nails "Here I Come," the group as a whole -- including Clint Jun Gamboa -- is tight and energetic and really harmonizes well. All four move on. Scotty is torn up about Jacee and is crying about it afterward. 

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