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Jackie Cooper: Interesting clip ...

As you may know, Jackie Cooper died early today at age 88. He was, of course, a major figure on TV for many years in endless repeats of "The Little Rascals" -- known as "Our Gang" to a pre-TV generation. And did you know that "The Rascals" had a role in Oprah Winfrey's career? Odd but true -- her syndicator, King World, got its start sending around reels of "Rascals" to TV stations. It gave KW real clout which is why O chose it.

But lest any one assume Cooper was just a child actor in "Our Gang," it's important to realize that he did so much more. He ran one of TV's major studios, Screen Gems, in the '60s, and was an esteemed director on "M*A*S*H" and other shows. He was also, of course, Perry White in the "Superman" big screen series. An incredible career. 

In any event, here's an interesting old clip from "ET:"


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