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'Jackson 5ive' and more TV on DVD

Episodic art from the 1970s cartoon

Episodic art from the 1970s cartoon "Jackson 5ive," out on DVD Jan. 15, 2013. Photo Credit: DreamWorks Classics


Series And you thought Rankin/Bass only did Christmas specials? They also produced 1971's ABC Saturday morning cartoon of fictional adventures with the teen family band that launched Michael Jackson. Each of 23 crisply mastered half-hours boasts crazy-bright colors and two remastered songs, which impress. But limited animation and a laugh track don't. (Also note: The real 5ive, er, five Jackson brothers only sing; dialogue is voiced by actors.)

Extras None, unless you count discs' groovy 45-rpm record design.

List price $33 DVD only/$40 Blu-ray+DVD, out today from Classic Media.

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