Good Afternoon
Good Afternoon

Jacob Lusk goes 'Mariah Carey high' on 'American Idol'

Jacob Lusk has to nail his second song on "American Idol," going rock and doing "Love Hurts." Oooh, beautiful hearing Cheryl Crow sing it "soft and tender" as Jacob put it in rehearsals, man I hope he goes there.

Nice, spools out of him; slow, emotional, simple. It's a great song, and he goes high at the start, then deep. A bit split personality; but a really effective performance. Going a bit crazy at the end, stomping his feet and all. Really preferred the simple start, wish he'd stuck with it.

"Wow, Jacob, I'm a sucker for passion," says Steven Tyler. Jennifer Lopez says "you bring out the tricks at the end," liked it too.

Randy Jackson says you "redeemed yourself," says he was like "Mariah Carey high" with some of his notes.


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