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Jacob Lusk 'made us beg' on 'American Idol'

The main event, Jacob Lusk, is next on "American Idol," doing "You're All I Need to Get By." As he says, he sings "songs that have meaning." 

He lights up the stage in his cream-colored sportcoat. He starts slow and easy, effortlessly builds on the chorus, and is even playing with the audience a bit, pulling back and smiling.

Man, he's so good. You want him to do a whole concert. It's that tone, his bouncy hands, his big smile, his sincerity, the sense he's always in control.

Biiiig applause, and now Steven Tyler actually comes out on stage and hugs him. He's getting a long standing ovation.

Randy Jackson says your best performance -- "what was wrong with that performance? Absolutely nothing!" 

Steven Tyler loves how he "milked it," Jennifer Lopez says, "you made us beg for those notes. You move me, you move us."

His grandmother comes out to hug him at the end, very cute. Ryan Seacrest invites the whole front row to come up and hug him. They're all women for some reason, then some guy comes out but they're out of time.

"That's our show tonight, thanks Jacob," Ryan deadpans. Lusk, out!

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