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Jacob Lusk makes everyone on 'American Idol' look like mere kids

Paul McDonald is next on "American Idol." I have no idea what to expect. Oh wow, the perfect choice: "Maggie May."

He shows off his great tone and is totally at ease up on stage. Some random leg kicks, but it all hangs together really well. Almost seems like he gets tired as it goes on, starts losing some of the words. And never hits the big high you expect from the song, but it's a good performance.

"Real character about your voice," says Steven Tyler in kind of a strained assessment. Jennifer Lopez loves his big smile, calls it all "good." Randy Jackson wants him to stay quirky and different.

It started off with great promise in my opinion, and turned out to be pretty good. He could've done a lot more with this.

Jacob 'Single Best Performance Ever' Lusk is next, and I'm totally looking forward to this. He comes out in a suit, singing "A House is not a Home."

He's like on a different level. He's got an effortlessly huge voice, totally at ease and in control, a pro out there among kids.

He brings the vocal goods, plays a little with the audience, hits the big notes. Yeah, not really even fair. I'm not even a huge fan of the song, and I'm totally digging this. Pure vocal excellence. You just gotta shake your head.

"Divine intervention that brought you here . . . I am honored to be in your presence," says Tyler.

"[Luther Vandross] is gone -- but now we have you," says Jennifer Lopez.

"I don't think there's anything you can't sing. I think we're lucky to have you on here," says Randy.

I mean, he's just so comfortable in his own skin, plus he has a great voice. It's unfair to the other contestants. He's on his own show.

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