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Jacob Lusk still can't find what he's looking for on 'American Idol'

Jacob Lusk is singing Jordin Sparks and Chris Brown's "No Air" on "American Idol," saying it's the kind of song he wants to release and he's doing both parts of the duet.

He has such a freshness to his voice and it gets a bit shrill at times, but it's pretty fun to listen to. Guy can't dance to save his life, and is kind of just going big the entire song, there's no back and forth, but not bad. 

Jennifer Lopez is like "there's no doubt your voice is one of the best that's ever been on this stage, for sure," and if this is what you want to sing, keep doing it. Sort of a non-comment.

Randy Jackson tells him to go in a different direction. He says it was sharp and weird to sing a duet solo. He advises him to just be the "new" Luther Vandross. And adds afterward "your voice is way bigger than both of the people you covered tonight."

Steven Tyler also thinks he hasn't found his niche yet.

He says afterward he wants to appeal to everybody.


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