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James Durbin 'emotionally perfect,' told 'American Idol' is 'yours to lose'

James Durbin got emotional while rehearsing, and performing,

James Durbin got emotional while rehearsing, and performing, "Without You” on "American Idol." (May 4, 2011) Credit: Fox

James Durbin singing "Without You" on "American Idol," which is a totally random pick. He breaks down and has to leave during rehearsal. He says he really misses his family. Hmmm, could be a great moment here.

Starts slow and controlled, with that hangdog sad face of his, looks super-sincere. Very gentle, shaping the song. He's right on that edge of being cheesy, but because it's James, it's not. 

He doesn't go big on the chorus at the start, which gives it an extra intensity when he soars on the second part. Wow, this is pretty good. He's right on key, tears trickle down, big finish -- wow.

"Wow... James...." Randy Jackson says a mark of a truly great performer, is not perfect vocally, but "emotionally perfect." Whoa. He says "right now this competition, it's yours to lose."

Steven Tyler loved it, even when he was pitchy. Jennifer Lopez says "you have the heart and soul to back it up, you are an artist . . . he's amazing, you guys, amazing."

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