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Good Morning

James Durbin joins with Judas Priest, Jacob Lusk with Kirk Franklin on 'American Idol'

James Durbin gets to sing with Judas Priest next on "American Idol," comes out in a studded leather vest, cap, the whole 9 yards.

He's great, of course; just opens up and screams, struts around the stage like this is his regular gig. Gets a standing ovation from everyone, "that was hot" yells Randy Jackson

It's followed by a medley of Randy asking questions this season, then another series of him saying a thousand times someone's "in it to win it." 

Those scientists trying to get computers to replicate human speech should just start with Randy, the machine would only need to learn like 10 phrases.

Next is Jacob Lusk doing hip gospel with Kirk Franklin; they're raising money for the tornado victims -- out comes Gladys Knight. Lot of energy in the house, audience swinging their arms.

Jacob's definitely in his element, doing his funky dancing and smiling big. And man, that voice.... 


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