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James Durbin mines 'rich vein of inner crazy' on 'American Idol'

James Durbin, born in 1989, is singing "I'll Be There for You" by Bon Jovi on "American Idol." This should be fun.

Huge energy from the get-go. He's totally confident and at home up there. Nothing wildly creative here, and not totally on key. But it's fun, and performed pretty well. It has Jennifer Lopez bopping in her seat.

Steven Tyler loves it, but says "don't get too poppy on me," and then they shake on a deal that they'll sing Aerosmith together on the finale.

Lopez says she "loves that you were great," Randy Jackson said some pitch problems but you put your own spin on it with the high notes.

Tyler adds, "that man right there has a rich vein of inner crazy, I'll join him!"

I'm telling you, Tyler has a way with words. He teeters on the brink of being cringeworthy but usually manages to be surprisingly insightful. It's a bit like Bob Dylan. You wouldn't know he was a poet to look at him. 


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