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James Durbin 'slays,' Haley Reinhart 'sleepy' on 'American Idol'

James Durbin is surprisingly doing Paul McCartney's "Maybe I'm Amazed" next on "American Idol." I thought his idol would be someone harder. But the song choice makes sense.

Starts out slow and controlled, very Adam Lambertish. It's a creative take on the song, almost soulful. Then he kicks it up. He can really sing. He has a very pure tone. Man, the contestants this year are so much better than last year. 

He's building to something, like the pros do. Best performance of the night in my opinion.

Randy Jackson loves his voice. He says he "can sing anything" and tells him he "slayed" the song -- "James Durbin is dangerous, America. This man can sing."

Steve Tyler praises him, too, Jennifer Lopez says "you have what the greatest rock singers have, a melodic quality to your voice." Yeah, spot on.

Haley Reinhart is next, doing Lee Ann Rimes' "Blue." She bends the tune and she defiinitely has great control of her voice. Not sure it's crazy creative or anything, and it's a bit low-energy, like she's swallowing her words; but well-sung.

Steven says it was "so, so fine." J.Lo likes how she does "special things" with her voice. Randy is laughing, calls it "a little sleepy and a little boring."

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