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Janell Wheeler, Andrew Garcia and Katie Stevens top wild night on 'American Idol'

Hollywood contestants get ready to perform in front

Hollywood contestants get ready to perform in front of the judges on 'American Idol,' airing Tuesday, Feb. 9. Photo Credit: FOX

Powerhouse group "Middle C" with Janell Wheeler (who may or may not be Tim Tebow's girlfried), Jermaine Purifory, and the formerly shirtless Casey James stand out as "American Idol" winds down the drama-filled group sing that's the highlight of Hollywood Week.

As does Andrew Garcia's "Three Men and a Baby" group, with Katie Stevens in it, too -- two of my favorites right there; and introducing J.B. Ahfua. (Anyone get the name of the third guy?)

They all make it through.

The drama-filled "Dreamers" with loud Mary Powers is up last. She's OK during the group sing, as is Hope Johnson, but Margo May is totally off, Alex Lambert isn't bad but they all seem energy-less, defeated, no choreography.

Randy says, "those backgrouds were painful, dude." Mary, Hope and Alex make it through, everyone else is cut. They've got talent but are really going to have to step it up to compete with the likes of Janell and Andrew.

Of the 86 that started the day, 71 made it through to the last part of Hollywood week! Wow, John Park, Haeley Vaughn, Angela Martin -- all people I liked, all made it through.

And Kara tells Katie, "you could win it all."

That's it for group sing night. As usual, lots of prima donnas fighting with each other, lots of people who couldn't memorize the lyrics to one song even though they had 12 hours, lots of tears and late-night screaming.

But also some dazzling snippets of singing -- Andrew, Janell and Katie have to be considered three of the front-runners right now.

For me, Jermaine Sellers and Tim Urban also stood out tonight. And of course new father Michael Lynche -- congrats!

Who do you like best out of the first week of the Hollywood round? Click "add a comment" below to tell us; if it's not working for you, e-mail me and I'll post it for you.

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