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Janell Wheeler debuts, Haeley Vaughn says 'Hallelujah,' Mary Powers is 'Sober'

Cornelius Bennet and Maegan Wright are out, as is Amadeo DiRocco -- I really liked Amadeo, too bad they're all kicked off 'American Idol."

We're introduced to Janell Wheeler, singing "American Boy," great tone, really natural. I like her; and she makes it through.

Oh no, Bosa Mora is gone too! He was the son of immigrants, thought he lit up the room. Not such a great voice after all, I guess.

Haeley Vaughn, who I really liked, blows everyone away with "We'll Sing Hallelujah," man she has a voice. Mary Powers rocks with "Sober," Ellen says "you have an amazing voice, and you were really in that song."

Both are through, which is cool. They show Ellen having fun with the last group of four, having them step forward, then back, then other things, before she says, "you're all through to the next round."

46 contestants make it through on day one.

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