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Jay Leno: Changes afoot? (abreast? atoe?)



 I'd like to say you read it here first, but if I'm wrong, then forget it - you didn't read it here first.

  But I think NBC is about to make a significant decision about "The Jay Leno Show."

  "I think" only because I don't "know." But the elements are all in place. Continued pressure at 10. Horrific debacle for affils at 11. Meeting with the press at the TCA this Sunday. Then...tick, tick, tick...the big annual meeting with affiliates a little while after that.

  It won't be good enough for NBC to mouth the usual bullsh***.


  "...we're staying the course..."


 "...we have confidence in this ..."


  "'s working really well. Honest injun..."

 Or ...

  "...we feel your pain [name a station in Minnesota/KC/San Angelo..."

  Or even...

 "...please please people! Patience! Wait until after the winter Olympics and then we'll have a better sense..."

  I guarantee, the first NBC exec who stands on the stage and tells affiliates "..we feel your pain...bear with us...we know what we're doing.. really, we do...wait until the Os are over"... there will be a full scale riot, and the police or maybe National Guard will be called in.

   After affiliates have burned the dump to the ground, and NBC execs along with it, then they'll head to Philly, where they'll storm the Comcast tower.

   This is war. It's ugly. They want change.

   They are about to get it.

   What wil they get?

  My hunch, based on reporting about the TV industry over two centuries -  not the entire span of these centuries, mind you, but the end and beginning of 'em - tells me they'll drop "Leno" on Thursdays and maybe Fridays.These are good nights to dump "Leno." Because  a.)  There's mucho movie ad business dinero to be sucked up on those nights; b.) Thursday is a classic NBC night; c.) You don't wanna split the week by, say, having Jay on Monday then a drama on Tuesday, etc. Looks bad, stupid, silly and will weaken Jay even more. d.) Most important of all, need these nights to help promote other stuff on other nights, and need all the firepower they can get.

  Will they cancel "Leno?" No. I don't believe so. Just a nip and a tuck. NBC will pretend it's "no big deal...we planned this all along...etc. etc."

  Maybe even Jay will like this. I suspect he doesn't have a choice.

  The network has ten hours of new dramas in the can, including a David Shore/"Rockford Files" re-make.  This is a 10 p.m. show, and it ain't going 10 p.m. on Saturdays.

  So get ready friends, It's comin''s comin'....



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