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Jay Leno: NBC thought secret guest was president

pals again?

pals again? Photo Credit: getty



  On his penultimate show, Jay Leno had a pretty good story...

  ...about a secret rendezvous. old friendship restored...

 ...and best of all this: When he returned last week from his secret shoot in New  York, an NBC executive stormed into his office. This exec says  "Jay," according to Jay. "Letterman shot a secret show..."  Jay then feigned mock surprise. "Really???!!"

  Who - Jay wondered - do you think the secret guest was? 

  "We think it's President Obama...!!!"

  In other words, NBC thought Letterman had shot a secret promo with Prez O that would air in the Super Bowl...

  It's a great story, but it also begs the question: Wouldn't someone stop to ask, that would be awfully silly of the president - to shoot up to New York, cost New York taxpayers a bundle, get the Secret Service involved, create midtown havoc...all so he could shoot a promotion with a late night talk show host?

  Wouldn't someone stop to say - that doesn't really sound plausible, even for our camera hungry president?

  No one did...which is why Jay's story last night is so rich. 

  Anyway, I've given away the punchline - my apologies.

  Here's the whole show. The discussion about the Letterman spot airs exactly 9 minuts and 36 seconds in; so scroll away, or watch.

  And don't forget - tonight's the last night. I'll come back to that a bit later...




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