Jay Stone up first on 'American Idol' on day two in Orlando, after Kristin ditches to go back to NYC. Does an interesting beat box version of  what's supposed to be"Come Together," it's totally worth listening to but is like much of modern art -- nothing you're going to want to revisit.

He can actually sing though, does a snatch of "Ain't No Sunshine" afterwards. Randy wants to join Simon and say no, but Kara lobbies strongly for him, Jay says he's doing more than Blake Lewis was since he sings and beat boxes simulataneously (first, he's wrong, Blake did both too; second, don't diss Blake).

He gets through; I dislike him, we'll see what he's really like in Hollywood.

Janell Wheeler does a good version of "House of the Rising Sun," raspy Kasi Bedford is okay, both -- along with someone else whose name I didn't catch in their 5 seconds of screen time -- are through.

Cornelius Edwards says he learned his dance moves from his "friends who are adult entertainers... they dance for money," you think he's gona be nuts but he has a decent voice on "Rolling." 

Until he does the splits and his pants do too... Simon calls it "the best thing I've ever seen" and they all put him through!

Ha, I like him, for whatever reason -- he has a really pure, almost shy smile afterwards as he celebrates.

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