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JDA glitters, Johnny Keyser and Paul Jolley go cheesy on 'American Idol'

Paul Jolley up first, with 10 guys featured tonight on "American Idol" -- and only five of them moving on to the semifinals. He's going all country, doing Keith Urban's "Tonight I Wanna Cry." He has some odd facial expressions, like he's either going to cry or is in pain. Comes across as earnest but also cheesy. 

Urban likes his voice, but warns him against overperforming. Nicki Minaj wasn't wowed by him, tells him not to be so "theatrical." Randy Jackson thinks he could be a good country singer with wide range, with Mariah Carey rambling and saying something about how he's flexible.

Johnny Keyser up next, doing "When I Look Into Your Eyes." He's amazingly cheesy, making bedroom eyes at the camera and overemoting. Wouldn't be so bad except he's also off pitch; he's the kind of singer who knows exactly where the cameras are and tracks them like a laser.

Urban thought it was good but saw some nervousness, with Minaj saying she didn't find him nervous but found him "real sexy tonight." She tells him he doesn't have the greatest voice, but thinks girls will like him. Jackson calls it "OK," didn't think he separated himself from the pack. Carey is gonna like him -- she likes everyone -- and indeed, she praises his "masculinity." 

Josh "JDA" Davila next, complete with harem pants slit up the thigh and high heels, doing "Rumor Has It." He's giving it his all; so over-the-top with his makeup, crazy eyes and draping himself on the floor. He's more like a street performer than a serious contestant, but he keeps everyone entertained and has a decent voice.

"We are in Vegas," says Urban, "and you were certainly at home on that stage." He likes how he put on a show, and his "originality," but wished his moves weren't so choreographed. Minaj tells him, "work it girl," and he responds, "I gotta represent for the gays." She tells him he's a "superstar performer," but that his vocal was atypically "whiny."

Jackson tells him he was probably too focused on performance, with Carey randomly saying his confidence level was "major." 

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