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Jen Hirsch first into 'American Idol' top 24

Contestant Jen Hirsch performs in front of the

Contestant Jen Hirsch performs in front of the judges in Las Vegas on "American Idol" airing Wednesday, Feb. 22, 2012. Credit: Fox

Forty-two contestants get chopped to the top 24 on "American Idol" starting tonight -- there are spoiler lists out there, but hopefully you've managed to avoid them; where's the fun in finding out like that?!

Jen Hirsch starts us out, says "the cuts have become about the little details, this isn't just about being a good singer anymore." True dat. I think she'll make it through, but I don't feel strongly either way though.

Judges have her near tears with their fake negativity as she sits in front of them; then they tell her she's through to the next round -- "one of the best singers this year," says Randy Jackson.

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