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Jenna Elfman labors through 'Accidentally on Purpose'

THE SHOW "Accidentally on Purpose"

WHEN | WHERE Monday at 8:30 on CBS/2

REASON TO WATCH For Jenna Elfman fans (they know who they are).

WHAT IT'S ABOUT Billie (Elfman) gets pregnant after a one-night stand. CBS suggests that any resemblance to "Knocked Up" is purely coincidental because this is actually based a book by Mary F. Pols - a 39-year-old film critic for who also got pregnant with a much younger man, and then wrote a bestselling book about it. CBS, naturally, saw "comedy" written all over this.

Now, for the back story: Billie's commitment-phobic boyfriend, James (Grant Show), refuses to tie the knot, and bio-clock a-ticking, Billie starts to worry. She has pals, like Olivia (Ashley Jensen), and sis Abby (Lennon Parham), who is stable (of course, she's married to a dud).

Then, that accursed one-night stand, where she hooks up with cutie pie Zack (Jon Foster) and just happens to forget birth control. So - as Abby wonders - was this accidentally on purpose?

BOTTOM LINE Critics will hate, hate this show. But TV isn't produced for critics but for viewers, and many millions will doubtless like it. Shallow and generally inoffensive, "Accidentally" feels like a show that's nearly been focus-grouped into oblivion - with lines, beats and a cultural resonance that's so familiar you can almost see the baseball bat of predictability descending upon your head. So be it. Elfman's fine, as usual. This could be worse.


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