Jules (Courteney Cox) is going through an emotional jag, so she sees a shrink. There's much to talk about - her precious boy, Travis (Dan Byrd), getting ready for college, while she still feels a need to take care of her father. Her shrink, Glenn (Aniston), is the empathetic sort. She has, after all, someone of her own that she cherishes and dotes upon, too.


If there were an Emmy for Most Improved Series of 2010, it would be hard to think of a more deserving recipient than "Cougar Town." Starting with its worst foot forward, the show improved as the season went on, and is now reliably amusing.

Enter Aniston to further seal that deal. She hardly ever does TV anymore, yet when she does, her guest roles almost seem like favors - and more often than not favors to pal Cox.

On Wednesday's season premiere, Glenn saunters into her session with Jules in a full-body muumuu, uttering New Ageisms, and quickly establishing that she's the one in need of a shrink. The loopy and narcissistic Glenn, clearly, is a character with "legs." Some "Cougar Town" fans will watch and hope that Cox can lure Aniston back for a few more favors.


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Aniston glows.