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Jennifer Lopez revolts against Randy Jackson and Steven Tyler on 'American Idol'

"American Idol" comes back with some drama, showing Jennifer Lopez totally disagreeing with Randy Jackson and Steven Tyler on a few singers -- to the point where she says during a break, "they're sending the good singers home and they're sending the bad singers through."

Wow, 11 seasons in and somebody finally said it! She adds, "I was so angry, I almost had an anxiety attack."

I trust Lopez's judgement more than the guys', she's a real pro who takes this seriously while they seem to be playing their own games at times.

Alejandro Casarez tells us "today's the first day of the revolution." Sure, why not.

Strides into the room, spouts off with "grant me the power to bring revolution to the world." Yeah, cause revolutionaries ask for power.

Sings "Looking Up" by Paramore. Is horrible. Afterwards spouts more nonsense -- problem with people like him is they don't even respect what they claim to believe in enough to actually learn anything about what they pretend to espouse.

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