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Jennifer Lopez stealing 'American Idol' fashion scene

Haley Reinhart performs on "American Idol" on Wednesday,

Haley Reinhart performs on "American Idol" on Wednesday, March 16. Credit: Fox

Is it us, or does Jennifer Lopez get more dazzling as "American Idol" goes on?

Last night, she hit the fashion crescendo in animal print chiffon, her hair wavy and big like a lioness with natural makeup – nude lipstick that has bloggers buzzing -- and giant hoop earrings. Lopez is pure knockout, and even the prettiest contestants pale by comparison.

That includes Haley Reinhart who has got some sex appeal, but, speaking of lipstick, had a major malfunction last night as her heavy orangey-red shade ended up smeared everywhere. There are tricks of the trade to prevent this, so shame on the Idol makeup artists who know better. But what an embarrassment!

Pia Toscano was very good, but her off-the-shoulder ivory jumpsuit with the low neck and elastic waist was not flattering in the least, though her chunky turquoise necklace was quite lovely.

Karen Rodriguez pared down last week’s razzle-dazzle in a dotted cap sleeved mini dress that showed off her figure, though the sci-fi hairdo was a bit much.

Also in the fashion improved department was Jacob Lusk, who abandoned the ill-fitting suit of performances past for a modern zippered dark jacket with epaulets and silver buttons, paired with a purple shirt. In a way, it doesn’t seem to matter what he wears, the guy can sing.

Likewise it was a much better fashion statement for Stefano Langone, who packed up last week’s gimmicky get-up for a boyish blazer, jeans and pink shirt ensemble. Though his sneakers may have been a bit too standout with the look....

Much improved as well in terms of style was Lauren Alaina, who donned a glossy caramel blazer, jeans, white shirt and fringy cowboy boots – a slimmed down silo that was true to her country roots.

And while Paul McDonald still did the skinny suit look, he looked kind of cool in his own animal print shirt and deserves a break for performing with a bad cold.

Thia Megia’s nude gown was lovely, but not a scene-stealer – perhaps a bit dull for a youngster – eek, it went along with the performance.

If she went too toned down, James Durbin lost his rocker edge by a too contrived outfit – with the return of his tail, and a too-low V-neck topped by a leather jacket and jewelry that looked chosen by the accessories department. Perhaps a bit self-conscious.

And speaking of accessories, was that an ascot that Casey Abrams chose to scream in last night? This fellow has got to get back to basics on all fronts.

Scotty McCreedy was same old-same old – he sings and wears stuff in his comfort zone.

And finally, poor Naima Aedepo. Her messy vocals matched her overly eclectic outfit – yarny wristbands, platform shoes, two vests and one honker necklace.

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