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Good Afternoon

Jennifer Lopez: Stefano Langone can win 'American Idol'

Stefano Langone, born in 1989, is next on "American Idol." Singing "If You Don't Know Me By Now," which seems like an odd choice. Apparently had trouble remembering the words during the week.

Busts out from the get-go, with a pure voice, sincerity and big vocals. He's acting out the words well, like a lovestruck teen. So it's not a great song but it's a good performance and he really sells it. He's totally on key but he needs to open his eyes and look at the camera more. He gets big applause.

Randy Jackson calls it "the best performance of the night so far," and tells him he hit a hard song perfectly. Steven Tyler loved his phrasing; Jennifer Lopez calls it a "perfect song -- you can take this thing, the competition is fierce but . . ."

Hmm, had not thought about him as someone with a chance to win. But if he hits his vocals and brings the energy and sincerity, I could see the teenboppers going for him. 




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