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Jennifer Lopez tells Ryan Seacrest she's leaving 'Idol'

Jennifer Lopez is seen on

Jennifer Lopez is seen on "American Idol." Credit: Handout

Well, it appears we can now put the period on this story: Jennifer Lopez told Ryan Seacrest on his radio show a short while ago that she's probably done with "American Idol." The interview is posted below. There's a quite a bit of chit-chat before they get down to business about three minutes or so in...

 "My question for you is..."

 "It's just been a long process...I've been telling the absolute truth. I really have been torn...I didn't know I'd be moved so emotionally [on the show]; such a lovely surprise in my life to do it.  

"One year was fine, but to go back and do it again...."

Lopez doesn't flat out say "I'm not coming back," but she may as well have. It really feels over, but who knows!

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