Good Afternoon
Good Afternoon

Jenny McCarthy debuts on 'The View'

Jenny McCarthy on "The View." (Sept. 9, 2013)

Jenny McCarthy on "The View." (Sept. 9, 2013) Credit: AP

There was no mention of vaccinations on Monday's Jenny McCarthy debut on "The View" -- you may have heard, she's against them, believing they were a direct cause of her son's autism.

Instead, this: an attempt at twerking; a jokey pretaped stroll through her Manhattan byways; plus a long guest segment with her current boyfriend, Donnie Walhberg. Viewers learned what they like about each other -- among other things, their "butts."

Say what you will about McCarthy's first day, but what you can mostly say is that it was a big nothing. She staked no positions, offered no opinions, created no disturbances and otherwise glided through this first hour without giving anyone the slightest sense of why she was even there.

Maybe that makes some sense -- there's plenty of time, possibly even years, to get to all those things that make McCarthy special. But she is a controversial choice given her stand on vaccinations, and the show needs to make some effort at the outset of this tenure to establish that she is not some far-out person from the lunatic fringe of medical theory.

Again, there is time for that. McCarthy, in prior appearances, has displayed a good-humored, roll-with-the-punches style that should eventually fit in well, and was in evidence Monday, too. But at its best, "The View" is about opinions, forcefully argued ones that get the hosts -- and viewers at home -- off their seats. Now that "The View" got through McCarthy's first day without explaining why she was hired in the first place, let's see if they come up with a compelling answer Tuesday.

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