Jermaine Purifoy, another soft-spoken guy who I like right away, sings "Smile" in that timeless style, he's simply hands down really good.

Kristin calls it a "pure, seamless sound," says she "loves him." Wow, Randy says "the best I've heard this audition season, I'm blown away."

Kara says when he sings "I believe it," Simon likes the choice of song. He just makes you smile, after he's through easily says this makes him feel he should take more risks in life.

Shelby Dressel, whose right side of her face is frozen, something she was born with. Says she's insecure about performing; another super-likeable person. Hmm, her "Turn Me On" has some attitude, and her tone is perfect -- until she suddently forgets the words and swears.

"Like you, but wasn't blown away by your voice," Simon says. Randy likes her voice and how she got brave, Kristin likes her potential; and she makes it through. Her family goes nuts when she makes it; 18 others made it out on day one in Orlando.  

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