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Jermaine Sellers and Jeff Goldford advance on 'Idol', not Matt Lawrence, Leah Laurenti, Dave Pittman

Jermaine Sellers and his group "Phoenix" have had a lot of drama on "American Idol." Cat Nestle decides to quit at the last minute. "I knew that I would mess up, and I didn't want to humiliate myself." Uh, OK . . .

Ben Honeycutt starts singing, and with Jeff Goldford, both seem to be going through the motions, Moorea Masa is next and forgets the words. Jermaine is really good though, goes off on a little solo during "Wayward Son."

Kara thinks they were just trying to survive up there, Moorea talks about what they went through with all the "hardship." Simon says, "you had 12 hours to learn a song, that's not a hardship in life -- that's rubbish." Jermaine and Jeff make it through.

Groups are having trouble with "The Sweet Escape." Why are they picking that? It's a hard song! Matt Lawrence's group, "Big Dreams" does it, too. He's the one who was in jail. And Amanda Shechtman from Long Island is in there, too.

They kind of fall apart. Simon waves them to a halt. "It was so horrific, as bad as I've ever, ever heard in my life," he says and cuts them all off.

That's group night. Maybe Matt got a raw deal, but not sure he showed much. Oh no, another Long Islander,  Leah Laurenti is gone, Dave Pittman, who has Tourette syndrome is gone, too. Two of my favorites....

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