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Jermaine Sellers blows away the 'Idol' judges, as Keia Johnson shines bright

Thousands of hopefulls line up at the Georgia

Thousands of hopefulls line up at the Georgia Dome for the chance to become the next AMERICAN IDOL. Photo Credit: FOX

Big hair, big smile Keia Johnson is next on "American Idol's" Atlanta auditions, says she won Miss Congeniality on Miss America. Belts out the theme from "Titantic," Mary J. Blige says vocally, she can sing. Kara likes how she doesn't make crazy faces.

Simon says she's too musical theater. But says he likes her, she says that means a lot. She celebrates, as Simon calls her great.

Miriam Lemnouie flashes on the screen, Noel Reese after that, Tisha Holland; apparently all can sing, but literally get like five seconds of screen time. All are through.

Church singer Jermaine Sellers is next, he's soft-spoken and I like him immediately, he just seems like a great guy. Has been taking care of his mom since he was 17, she has spinal bifida. "What If God Was One of Us," he's really good -- knows exactly who he is, has a huge smile, puts his own spin on the song. One of my favorites so far, just a wonderful tone.

"Jermaine, I LOVE you," gushes Kara, with Randy calling it the best vocal they've seen yet. He's cute in the elevator going down, calls his mom, says she's gonna call the whole neighborhood now. Wow, what a great guy.

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