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Jermaine Sellers tops 'American Idol' Atlanta -- 'Pants on the Ground,' too!

Thousands of hopefuls line up at the Georgia

Thousands of hopefuls line up at the Georgia Dome for the chance to become the next "American Idol." Photo Credit: FOX

I guarantee you someone in your office Thursday will be talking about 62-year-old 'General' Larry Platt (along with Skii Bo Ski, of course). Platt closed the Atlanta round of "American Idol" with his oddly-addictive song "Pants on the Ground."

It's pretty funny. The whole thing's telling kids to pull their pants up, Mary J. Blige and Kara are falling out of their chairs laughing. "I have a horrible feeling that song could be a hit," Simon says.

Atlanta ends with a bunch of contestants singing the General's song. Pretty good show; probably wound up enjoying it as much as Boston. Here are my favorites, in order:

1) Church singer Jermaine Sellers is going to go far, his "What If God Was One of Us" showed off his tone -- he knows exactly who he is. "Jermaine, I LOVE you," gushed Kara, with Randy calling it the best vocal they've seen yet. I think he'll be in the finals.

2) Country girl Vanessa Wolfe from Vonore, Tenn. doesn't need to jump off a bridge to get our attention -- her twangy, authentic voice stood out on Old Crow Medicine Show song. She's  highly likeable, and how can you resist her excitement over getting to "ride on an aero-plane." Hopefully not barefoot!

3) Skii Bo Ski baby is a ham (or a clown) but his voice on "I Heard It Through the Grapevine" got the judges hooting and hollering. Mary K. Blige loved his vocals, even if she didn't appreciate his hitting on her.

4) Cop Bryan Walker, as Randy said, "looks nothing like you sound like." He sounded great with "Superstar," very curious to see what types of thing he can sing.

5)  'Fearless' Mallorie Haley has no gimmicks, just a great voice that she showed off with "Piece of My Heart." Blige called it the best vocal she'd heard. Good enough for me.

6)  Guitar outfit girl Holly Harden may have seemed silly, but we'll forgive a lot when someone can belt out "You Ain't Woman Enough to Take My Man" the say she did. Kooky personality. As Kara said she's a "ballsy girl."

7)  Big hair, big smile Keia Johnson wasn't bad with the theme from "Titantic," I don't have a strong sense of her yet but look forward to seeing more.

8) BFF Carmen Turner is the first person the judges put into Hollywood that I disagreed with. As Simon said, she was "annoying, annoying, annoying" with her twins act with her pal. Oh, well. Maybe she'll grow on me.

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