Jermaine Sellers tells us he uses a steam mask before every "American Idol" performance. Takes the judges' criticism with a grain of salt, "we're all artists, we're not Picassos yet."

Taking on "What's Going On," in a gray v-neck sweater, pink bow tie and jeans. Pure voice to open, but he's made a dark, powerful song poppy. Ugh. Somebody should've told him "no," he definitely has a velvety tone but my God, this is Marvin Gaye! All the edge is gone, he's got a cheesy performer's smile . . . somebody needs to tell him what the story is.

Randy says better than last week, but "so close yet so far." Tells him Marvin wasn't really that kind of a singer. Ellen is at a loss, saying it just didn't work. Kara says you can hit all these notes, but you're doing too much, "look at the meaning of the song."

Simon says "you water down the songs, that is one of the greatest songs of all time, but you make it lose its importance, because you play around with it so much." Adds, "kind of a cabaret-type performance with it, makes you very old-fashioned."

He asks the judges what he should sing next week, Simon says, "I'm not sure you'll be here next week." I'm not sure I like Jermaine a ton. He talks a lot without really listening.

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