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'Jersey Shore:' How do I say 'hangover' in Italian?


MTV's "Jersey Shore" cast poses in a hot tub in a promotional photo from 2010. Credit: MTV

In a couple of months, the cast of "Jersey Shore" will head to Italy, but they have an obvious problem: They don't know how to speak Italian. They don't really even know how to speak English . . . but that's another story. Yesterday, Pauly D told MTV, "I don't know how to say Gym Tanning Laundry in Italian..."

Worry no more, Pauly D! I've put together a handy list of terms and phrases that will absolutely be essential when you head to beautiful Italy. Study and memorize them. You never know when you'll need them. But you will need them . . .



Hair-pulling...tirate de capelli

Catfight...gatti sempre combatte

Drunken brawl...rissa ubriaco



Hair gel...gel di capelli


Italian stallion....stallone italiano


Will someone call the police, fast? ...Qualcuno chiama la poliza . . . veloce?

How do I get to the beach? Come faccio ad arrivare alla spiaggia?

How do I get to the bar? Come faccio ad avere al night club?

Can I have a vodka and cranberry? Posso avere un vodka e mirtillo?

Can I have two vodka and cranberrys? Posso avere due vodka e mirtillo rossi?

Yes, I am very famous in America - I am more famous than Obama. Si, sono molto famosi in America. Lo sono piu famosa di Obama.

A situation is a situation. Una situazione e una situaziine.

Abs are muscles. You like? Abs sono i muscoli. Ti piace?

My place or your's? Il mio posto o tuo?

Very, very drunk. Molto, molto ubriaco.

Hangover. Postumi di una sbornia.

 Gym. Tanning. Laundry (GTL) Palestra. Abbronzatura. Lavanderia. (PAL)

 Where's the hottub?  Dov'e il hottub?

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