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'Jersey Shore' recast?

The full cast of "Jersey Shore," which premiers

The full cast of "Jersey Shore," which premiers its new season in January 2011, soaks in the hot tub on a terrace. Credit: MTV, 2010

At some point in the life of "Jersey Shore," it was apparent the cast would be dumped -- or, more politely, changed. Overfamiliarity would breed contempt, not just among cast members, but among viewers. A little Snooki goes a long way; but imagine spending season after season, ad infinitum/nauseam with her ... and Ronnie, J-Woww, Paulie D, the Situation?

Add to that prospect the fact that each is about to become a millionaire -- if they haven't already, given the steady march of salary boosts (in the six figures per episode per cast member), outside appearances, product lines and even, hard as this is to believe, books -- and you've got a show about six people pretending to be who they used to be. No one would be fooled, least of all fans, and the shark would have been jumped.

"Jersey Shore," the most valuable franchise at MTV and one of the most valuable in its history, would then implode, and that would be that.

So that's why this morning's report in Us Magazine makes so much sense: It says, with an unusual degree of certainty, that the entire show will be re-cast after the next Seaside Heights edition wraps. (It's to be taped shortly.) 

Here's the pull-quote: 

"After this group comes back from Italy and shoots season 5 this summer, that will be the end for them," a source told the magazine. 

Three of them already have spin-offs lined up, so they won't disappear. 

What's the risk for "Jersey Shore?" Obvioiusly that a new cast doesn't click; or that the joke has become so old and tired that fans don't buy it anymore -- sort of an MTV version of "Joe  Millionaire," ridiculously popular during the first run and completely ignored the second. 

But the risk of letting the show become even a greater pardody of itself -- if that is even possible at this point - may be a greater risk. 

Point is, I believe the Us Mag report. 

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