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Jessica Sanchez goes for the heartstrings on 'American Idol'

Jessica Sanchez singing Luther Vandross' "Dance With My Father," as the "American Idol" finalists get to pick their own song for their second performance tonight.

It's a great choice; we could have a moment, she's singing this for her dad, who's about to be deployed overseas for the third time.

Emotional performance from the get-go; just pure vocals spilling out. Her tone is perfect; she's playing with all the possibilities of the lyrics, not going too fast. It was a little too smooth, too polished maybe, but still effective.

Jennifer Lopez says simply, "That may have been the best I've ever heard that song sang." Loved the "tenderness, the feeling, your vocal ability."

Steven Tyler says, "I don't think you can sing a song bad."

Randy Jackson praises how natural her feel for the song was, and asks, "Do you know what was wrong with it? Absolutely nothing!"

Still, she can be even better....

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