Good Afternoon
Good Afternoon

Jessica Sanchez knocks it out of the park on 'American Idol'

Jessica Sanchez, who's been having vocal troubles the past few days, doing Jennifer Hudson's "I Love You I Do."

Just sashays up and belts it out; swallowing some of her words, but man, she has a great voice, and looks at home up there. Can't take your eyes off her. Like all great performers, has an urgency to her, gets the judges standing up and hollering, along with the audience.

Man, if she can do this when she's not feeling well...

"Crazy, crazy; oh my God," says Randy Jackson. "That girl can really sing!" Jennifer Lopez is just gushing, "it's so beyond your years, it's crazy!"

"Your voice is perfect, your pitch is perfect," says Steven Tyler. Yeah, some electricity in the air when she sang, on a whole different level from everyone else tonight.

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