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Jessica Sanchez on 'Glee' finale

Jessica Sanchez will star on "Glee."

Jessica Sanchez will star on "Glee." Credit: Fox

"Glee" wraps Thursday — as all you Gleeks well know — but for you non-Gleeks, here's something of keen interest: Jessica Sanchez, who has had one heck of a post-"Idol" career, will be on the finale as well.

So will the great Patty Duke, and as soon as I can find something, will post that too. You'd think Ryan Murphy would kvell over someone like Duke, but I guess Fox is arguing that no one in the "Glee" demo — you know, like 12-year-olds — even knows who she is. Yes, this is what American culture has come to...

 But I'm off-track. Here's the clip. She's with a rival glee club, etc. It's all explained.

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