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Jessica Sanchez's 'unbelievable, sensational' slowed-down Beyoncé on 'American Idol'

Jessica Sanchez singing Beyoncé's "Sweet Dreams" on "American Idol." Guest mentor Stevie Nicks calls her "a good student," says she understands suggestions and implements them properly.

Starts slow, in a beautiful dress; sings like a star, you hang on every note and don't know what she's going to show next. Just shaking my head; she could tour, now, complete with the big voice, attitude and stage presence.

Jennifer Lopez says if she were Beyoncé watching at home she'd copy this slowed-down version for her next concert, "leaves you wanting more." Steven Tyler says, "I think you're a star no matter what.... I liked how you held it back a little bit."

Randy Jackson says, "You just inately have this unbelievable talent, I look forward to hearing you every night; I think you're one of the best singers I've heard in many years."

Finishes with "unbelievable, sensational."

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